There, there

February 8, 2021
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

Because the grandmother is deaf, she does not hear the police officers assembling on the front porch of her rowhouse.

Judicial emergency in D.C. is extended

January 15, 2021
DC Superior Court front

Chief Judge Anita Josey-Herring has issued an order extending the pandemic-related judicial emergency in D.C. Superior Court through March 31, 2021.

Kevin McCarthy should start with an apology

January 10, 2021
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy wants unity? The ball is in his court. He should start by acknowledging that he was wrong to propogate the lie of a rigged election. He should start with an apology.

On character and grace

January 4, 2021
Trump at Resolute Desk

Donald Trump’s problems go beyond a lack of manners or character. He is also a sociopath. He does not learn. He has no shame. He is driven only by immediate self-interest.

On the “missing evidence” jury instruction in Howard v. US

December 20, 2020
DC Court of Appeals

Like “reading the white space” on a police report (that is, focusing on what is NOT included), the “missing evidence” jury instruction “essentially creates evidence from non-evidence.”

Violation of BWC policy –> case dismissed

December 18, 2020
Body worn camera

Body worn cameras have forever changed criminal prosecutions. On balance, I think they help the defense. No longer do we need to simply take the officer’s word on things.

D.C. Superior Court’s remote and partially remote courtrooms

December 15, 2020
D.C. Superior Court Sign - Where to Pay Fees

The D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division has increased the number of courtrooms — both remote and partially remote — that will operate during the pandemic.

A Classicist’s Take on “Trump as Tragic Hero”

December 14, 2020

Guest Post by Raymond Koehler on “Trump as Tragic Hero”

Getting the rules of evidence wrong in HBO’s “The Undoing”

December 11, 2020
Nicole Kidman on witness stand

It can’t be much fun to watch a legal drama on TV with my wife and me. We understand the need to keep the story moving. But you need to get certain basics correct.

Will I go to jail for shoplifting in D.C.?

D.C. graffiti

It is extremely unlikely that anyone but the most habitual offender will serve jail time for shoplifting in D.C. This is particularly true during the Covid-19 pandemic.