I like Mr. Williams

October 25, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

There are tons of criminal defense lawyers eager to tell their war stories. But how many people have been acquitted of a felony criminal offense?

Police officers should not be advocates

October 16, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

Police officers have an instinctual unwillingness to agree with a defense attorney. Call me old-fashioned but I think it should be “just the facts, ma’m.”

“Imani is my best friend”

September 27, 2019
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

The best strategy, I have found, is to begin the conversation with an expression of concern about whatever grievance it was that launched the criminal proceedings to begin with.

Defining “possession, custody, or control” for Rule 16 purposes

September 18, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

In Weems v. United States, 191 A.3d 296 (D.C. 2018), the D.C. Court of Appeals defines “possession, custody, or control” for purposes of Rule 16.

Presenting your best self when soliciting business

September 17, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

When marketing your writing services through mass emails, it is a good idea to make sure there are no typos, misspellings or grammatical errors in your message.

Not guilty of destroying property

September 16, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

The evidence was consistent with an intent to open the car door, not to damage the door handle. The prosecution was therefore unable to prove criminal intent.

Good writing has a look

September 13, 2019
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

I have a new font: Century Schoolbook. My writing has improved already.

Hearsay through the eyes of our law student

D.C. criminal defense attorney

When it comes to hearsay, there is only one phrase you need to keep in mind: Hearsay is an out-of-court assertion offered for the truth. If it doesn’t satisfy that definition, it is not hearsay.

The definition of “stuporous” and other dumb police-isms.

September 12, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

Imagine my delight upon seeing the term “stuporous” used in the police report. Sometimes officers try to do too much. They should stay in their lane.

Eavesdropping on Michael Jackson

Marijuana conviction in DC - graffiti on wall

Jackson spoke with three separate women, and he was a different person depending on which of the women he was on the phone with. He had phone sex with one woman.