Sometimes I Think The Stenographer Is Out To Get Me

Jamison KoehlerTrial Advocacy

I read every transcript I can get my hands on, including my own.  My office mate at the Philly PD’s office used to give me a hard time about that – he thought I was being vain. But he may have been giving me more credit than I deserved.  Sometimes you are proud of how you did.  Other times, with every verbal tic and grammatical error spelled out in black-and-white for everyone to see, reviewing a transcript can be a humbling experience.  For example, take this two-line blurb from a recent probable cause hearing transcript (please!):

MR. KOEHLER:  But, but, but –

THE COURT:  Mr. Koehler, your position is noted for the record. . .

Sometimes you are Clarence Darrow.  Sometimes you are not.