White men, on the margin

January 29, 2020
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

My mother once said that the hardest part about getting old was the fear of being marginalized. She felt this particularly acutely as an older woman. She complained about feeling invisible.

Dealing with the crazies in C10

January 22, 2020
D.C. criminal defense attorney

With almost 100 people making their way through arraignment court every day, it is inevitable that there will be a melt-down or two. After all, we are dealing with people who are finishing what for many of them will be the worst day of their lives.

Truth=good. Lie=bad.

January 21, 2020
D.C. criminal defense attorney

Complaining witnesses lie on the stand. This never ceases to amaze me. They could be telling the absolute truth about events that led to the criminal prosecution. But when they get on the stand and they are challenged on details during cross-examination, they abandon the truth.

Stop plagiarizing my website

January 11, 2020
D.C. criminal defense attorney

Last year I found out that Nabeel Kibria of Ervin Kibria Law had lifted whole blocks of language from my website for use on his.

Expunge your criminal record in D.C.: actual innocence

January 10, 2020
Expunge records on grounds of innocence

The fastest and most effective way to remove an arrest from your criminal record is to file a motion alleging actual innocence under D.C. Code §16-802.

The city belongs to the two of us

December 31, 2019
Washington Monument

Thirty-five years ago, my wife would take a break from her law school studies to join me in the tiny bedroom of our apartment to watch a half hour of TV before bed. The world seemed so big back then; our concerns in retrospect so small.

Unlawful entry charge dismissed

December 13, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

According to recent D.C. Court of Appeals opinion, Foster v. United States, D.C. Housing Authority residents cannot be barred from accessing areas covered by their leases.

I try cases

November 11, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

I have taken 63 cases to trial since 2015. I have secured outright acquittals in 23 of these cases – roughly 37 % – and partial acquittals in an additional 8.

Dealing with Stuart Schuman of the Defender Association

November 4, 2019
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

The file has been returned to me with a note from Stuart Schuman, the misdemeanor supervisor. Uh oh, I think, this can’t be good. I go down to see him.

I like Mr. Williams

October 25, 2019
D.C. criminal defense attorney

There are tons of criminal defense lawyers eager to tell their war stories. But how many people have been acquitted of a felony criminal offense?