Webex Login for D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division Courtrooms

March 11, 2022
Jefferson Memorial

Here is the information you will need to log in by Webex video or phone to D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division courtrooms.

D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division: Judicial Assignments for 2022

DC Superior Court front

Here are the 2022 Judicial Assignments for the D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division

The “forfeiture-by-wrongdoing” doctrine in Hairston

December 13, 2021
Jefferson Memorial

Under the ‘forfeiture-by-wrongdoing doctrine, a defendant forfeits his Sixth Amendment right to be confronted by a witness against him, as well as his objection to the introduction of hearsay, if he wrongfully procured the unavailability of that witness with the purpose of preventing the witness from testifying.

Bias and corruption in Jones v. US

December 6, 2021
Photo of GRU

Bias can be “a favorable or friendly feeling toward a party.” It can also be hostility toward someone, a motive to lie out of self-interest, and/or corruption.

Beating an attempted drug possession case

December 3, 2021
Aerial view of DC

Now that DFS has lost its accreditation, the government is looking for creative ways to prosecute drug possession cases, including amending the charges to attempted possession. There are equally creative ways to counter this strategy.

Cross-examining a GRU officer

November 30, 2021
Photo of GRU

I won a motion to suppress in a drug case yesterday.  The win was particularly gratifying in that it involved the notorious gun recovery unit (GRU) from the Metropolitan Police Department.   One of the lead officers for the GRU… Read More

On reasonable suspicion in Funderburk

October 23, 2021
D.C. skyline

Police had the requisite legal basis – reasonable suspicion – to assume that one of four people present after gunshots were heard was the shooter.

People are contrarian

October 21, 2021
U.S. Capitol building

People are, I believe, naturally contrarian. The question is how to use this phenomenon to your advantage at trial.

On Judicial Notice and Mejia-Cortez

September 20, 2021
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

Although a court may take “judicial notice” of commonly known facts, the government must still prove every element of a criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Criminal Division to expand operations

August 30, 2021
DC Superior Court front

The Criminal Division of D.C. Superior Court will expand in-person operations beginning on Tuesday, September 7.