Presenting your best self when soliciting business

D.C. criminal defense attorney

When marketing your writing services through mass emails, it is a good idea to make sure there are no typos, misspellings or grammatical errors in your message.

On “skyscraper pages” and Google

Tyler tells me to be patient. A couple of months ago I complained about how my Google rankings have tanked, and Tyler Suchman – my website guy from Tribalcore– has been working with me to try to reverse the trend. 

Reflections of a Google Has-Been

I used to be King of Google for criminal defense in D.C. Traffic to my site was both wide (many visitors each day) and deep (visitors would stay for a long time, clicking on multiple pages each visit and then dwelling on them).   More importantly, my site ranked number #1 for a number of important search terms that could lead to potential business:  “simple assault dc,” prostitution solicitation dc,” “destruction of property dc,” “theft II dc,” “unlawful entry dc,” “expungement/sealing of criminal records dc,” and so on. 

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Why I Post Late At Night And On Sundays

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“You are an insignificant nobody”

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How To Increase Blog Traffic

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