“Bite Me, Asshole”: Reflections on SEO and Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your firm’s legal services. It can also be helpful when it comes to settling grudges. When I was setting up my law firm in… Read More

Why I Post Late At Night And On Sundays

Ever since Google discontinued its reader, I have relied on “Feedly” for my daily dose of blog reading.  You enter the URLs for all of the blogs you want to follow into the system, and Feedly organizes the… Read More

“You are an insignificant nobody”

“Please leave your name and number and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.” At my earliest convenience?  Are you kidding me? Would you leave such an obnoxious, my-time-is-more-important-than-your-time message on your voice machine? On… Read More


Over on Facebook, Matt Kaiser laughs about having used an emoticon for the very first time in an email.  I laughed too when I saw this.  Although I used to share Matt’s apparent distaste for emoticons (they seemed… Read More

Unnatural Consequences: The Price of a Tweet

Guest Post by Mary Anne Brush We can all agree that smart kids sometimes do stupid things. Studies show that the teenage brain is not fully developed, which leads to impulsive decision-making. And who doesn’t believe an important… Read More

Welcome to My Porn Site: The Risks of Having an On-Line Presence

There are some really sleazy people on the Internet. And, despite what the marketers tell you, having an on-line presence can sometimes be a challenge. I have been sued for a million dollars for something I posted on… Read More

How To Increase Blog Traffic

H/T Kendall Gray  

Why Prosecutors Love Social Media

This, from Prosecutor’s Discretion, says it much more persuasively than I ever could: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (anyone use that anymore?), google+.  I’m on record by saying I love them all. People need to brag about their crimes and what better… Read More

The Questions People Ask To Access My Site

Although I check Google Analytics almost daily for my website traffic numbers, I will occasionally also check to see which search terms people used to access my site. There were three questions I thought were noteworthy from this… Read More

Cue the Radiotape

I am a middle-aged man with some life experience. I have been doing criminal defense for a while now. Just yesterday I posted how many police officers “editorialize” when testifying. Still, I continue to be surprised – each… Read More