Second-Guessing Your Lawyer

Jamison Koehler Law Marketing/Networking

The caller tells me he wants my professional opinion.  What he really wants is some free legal advice so that he can second-guess the lawyer he has already hired. But the caller has three problems.  His first problem is that I remember him.  I remember speaking with him not once but twice on the phone before he decided to hire …

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Avvo: Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus

Jamison Koehler Law Marketing/Networking

Like Kramer asking for extra MSG on Seinfeld, I think I am going to put myself on a “please call” list for marketers. Just kidding. Some marketing guy from Avvo called me the other day, and I shut him down the same way I shut down most marketers: I told him I am so swamped with business that I couldn’t …

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Three Years In: Dealing With Potential Clients on the Internet

Jamison Koehler Law Marketing/Networking, Law Practice

I get a lot of strange emails and phone calls from people who find me on the Internet. A woman wrote me the other day looking for help with all sorts of different legal problems – from personal injury to child custody to criminal matters.  It was unclear from the email whether she was the victim or the accused.  And …

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Get Out of My Office: A Hypothetical Interview With a Potential Client

Jamison Koehler Law Marketing/Networking, Law Practice, Professional Responsibility/Ethics

A woman and her son come into the office for a consultation. At the end of the hour, the woman turns to me and tells me that they have also met with a number of other criminal defense lawyers.  “Why should we hire you?” she wants to know. I have to say, I am somewhat taken aback by the question. …