I told you so

Baltimore graffiti

Sometimes you need to exercise your right to remain silent. Sometimes you should take your lawyer’s advice.

Beating an attempted drug possession case

Aerial view of DC

Now that DFS has lost its accreditation, the government is looking for creative ways to prosecute drug possession cases, including amending the charges to attempted possession. There are equally creative ways to counter this strategy.

Cross-examining a GRU officer

Photo of GRU

I won a motion to suppress in a drug case yesterday.  The win was particularly gratifying in that it involved the notorious gun recovery unit (GRU) from the Metropolitan Police Department.   One of the lead officers for the GRU… Read More

People are contrarian

U.S. Capitol building

People are, I believe, naturally contrarian. The question is how to use this phenomenon to your advantage at trial.

Is it a ledger? Or is it an address book?

Baltimore graffiti

One man’s address book is another person’s ledger.

Cross-examining a pro se petitioner in a CPO case

Baltimore graffiti

Trying a case — in this case, a CPO hearing — against an unrepresented party is always an experience.

Call me Mr. Reasonable

Francie Hester art

I suspect that my remote-hearing persona may be more adversarial than my in-person one. And this concerns me: What does this say about me?

A “chance encounter” at the airport

D.C. criminal defense attorney

Q: Well, let me spell it out for you. At the airport, you showed up out of the blue, uninvited. Just like in the song. A: I had no idea she and her boyfriend would be there.

A “no-lose” question at a CPO hearing

CPO in DC Court

You have to love the “no-lose” questions on cross-examination. Yes or no. You win no matter how the witness responds.

The stupefied police officer

D.C. criminal defense lawyer

Police officers have all the answers on direct examination. The clarity and animation disappear when it comes time to answer questions from the defense.