Limiting recross examination in Sanchez v. U.S.

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D.C. Superior Court judges do not typically allow re-cross examinations.  Yes, you have a constitutional right to confront witnesses against you in a criminal proceeding.  But, with judges enjoying widespread discretion to oversee the proceedings, this right is not without its limits.   The defendant in Gabriel Sanchez v. United States, 287 A.3d 1241 (D.C. 2023), was charged with Assault with Intent to Kill …

Trump at Resolute Desk

On character and grace

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Donald Trump’s problems go beyond a lack of manners or character. He is also a sociopath. He does not learn. He has no shame. He is driven only by immediate self-interest.

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Hearsay through the eyes of our law student

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When it comes to hearsay, there is only one phrase you need to keep in mind: Hearsay is an out-of-court assertion offered for the truth. If it doesn’t satisfy that definition, it is not hearsay.