Ralph Who? The Basketball Great You’ve Never Heard Of

In 1981, John Thompson was able to convince two of the top high school basketball players in the nation to come to D.C. to play for Georgetown. Landing either recruit would have been a major accomplishment; getting both… Read More

Hail to the Red Potatoes

Responding to the controversy over the name of the pro football team in the nation’s capitol, the Onion announced that the team has decided to change its name.  From here on in, the Onion reported, the team will… Read More

One Degree of Separation Between Greatness and Me

U.S. Capitol building

Back in the days my children were involved in organized sports, coaches liked to tell the story of how former NBA Superstar Michael Jordan was cut from his 10th grade basketball team. The story tended to come out… Read More

We Should Re-Name D.C.’s Football Team

U.S. Capitol building

During my freshman year at college, there was an older guy at my fraternity everyone used to call “Heeb-heimer.”  That was a play on his real name, which was Hartheimer.  He was Jewish. I used to call him… Read More

Changing the Name of the Washington Redskins

U.S. Capitol Building

  D.C. Fire Department Chief Kenneth Ellerbe created a minor controversy recently when he proposed changing the name of his department to Fire Emergency Medical Services (FEMS).  Ellerbe suggested that, since the department also provides emergency care for… Read More