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I didn’t say, “Simon says”

Jamison KoehlerDUI and Driving Offenses, Trial Advocacy

Q:            Officer. You testified on direct that my client was talkative when you first approached his car.

A:            Yes. As I began speaking with him, he was repeating himself quite a bit, wasn’t really answering my questions, just kept repeating himself. He kept talking and talking and just wasn’t really cooperative at the time that I walked up to the vehicle.

Q:            He was expressing concern about his girlfriend, right?

A:            While he was in the car, he was just, he was very talkative as I believe I said, he kept repeating himself. His speech was slurred. He wasn’t directly answering questions. He was uncooperative.

Q:            He told you he was looking for his girlfriend —

A:            — he kept saying the same thing over and over, he kept repeating himself.

Q:            You have just repeated yourself a number of times, Officer. Are you impaired today as you sit on the witness stand?

THE PROSECUTOR: Objection. Argumentative.

THE COURT: Sustained. Next question? . . .