Ode to a legal career

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When I last wrote about my niece Emma, she was an all-Ivy scholar and athlete, the leading scorer and captain of her college soccer team. Since that ground-breaking blog entry of 2012, Emma has played professional soccer.  She is still, as I described her back then, pretty, smart, personable and modest, a woman who not only knows how to take …

A man with a destination

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Many years ago, when I first started work at D.C. Superior Court, I had a daily encounter with an older woman as I came into the court building each morning. Dressed nicely and sitting on the bank of chairs outside the lawyer’s lounge, the woman always appeared to be speaking on the phone about some weighty constitutional issue.  The woman …

Storming the Capitol with Jenna Ellis

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Her voice is soft and tentative.  She may be trying to apologize, but the sniffling makes it hard to understand her.  What is clear is that she is feeling pretty sorry for herself.  If I stood next to her at a plea hearing in D.C. Superior Court, she would not have impressed me as someone with any substance or maturity.  …

Riding the Acela with Matt Gaetz

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I spend a lot of time on the Acela.    So too do other people I have encountered in the quiet car over the last year or so:  Tony Fauci, Matt Gaetz, Charlie Gibson, John King, Elise Stefanik, Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Walsh, and Dan Goldman.  In some cases, such as with Gaetz or Stefanik, I have had to suppress the …

Winter came

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This is why we say goodbye.  Letting go is what it comes to.

Lindsey road

Forever houses

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My wife has a history of agreeing to rent or buy the first place we visit whenever we are looking for a place to live. This is great, she says. We’ll take it.

art work

I don’t want to be that guy

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I have to be careful — as I grow more experienced and continue to age –that I don’t turn into the stereotype of the cranky old criminal defense lawyer.