Keeping the back-benchers in line

Anthony Scaramucci twitter photo

“Please hold for the President of the United States.” What could be more exciting than to receive a telephone call with these words?

Covfefe this

D.C. criminal defense lawyer

People laugh at your jokes when you are in a position of power. They return your phone calls. Our attention-seeking president is in for one rude awakening.

That we should know the place as ours

Baltimore living room Charlie

This, for now, is our piece of earth. I clear away the brush and stack the wood in a pile near the shed and think: This is the possible we hold so briefly to.

The city belongs to the two of us

Washington Monument

Thirty-five years ago, my wife would take a break from her law school studies to join me in the tiny bedroom of our apartment to watch a half hour of TV before bed. The world seemed so big back then; our concerns in retrospect so small.

Eavesdropping on Michael Jackson

Marijuana conviction in DC - graffiti on wall

Jackson spoke with three separate women, and he was a different person depending on which of the women he was on the phone with. He had phone sex with one woman.

Mike knew we loved him

Mike O’Neill of “Mike and Heather” has died. We drive up to the wake in Lansford, Pennsylvania. It is reassuring to see Heather and their four adult children.

“This is great. We’ll take it.”

dc capitol

My wife and I have gone full circle. We started off our lives together in a small rental apartment in D.C. Three kids, four cities, six houses and a lifetime later, we are now back in a small rental apartment in D.C.

A Farewell to Tolo

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Your Desk, By The Window

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