“The Type of Guy That Gives Lawyers a Bad Name”

Jamison KoehlerHumor, Trial Advocacy

lawyer conversationQ:            When did you have that conversation then with David?

A:            Prior to him ending up in the hospital.

Q:            Do you recall the date, approximately?

A:            No, I do not recall an approximate date.

Q:            Not even a year?

A:            What? Are you that stupid? 2013.

Q:            You didn’t have a conversation with him in 2012 about selling it to Garcia?

A:            I just gave you the whole answer, that this conversation wasn’t a one-day deal. This is a conversation that went on for years.

Q:            I understand, sir. That’s why I’m asking. When was the beginning of the conversation?

A:            You keep rephrasing the same frigging question. You’re the type of guy that gives lawyers bad names. You’re a piece of shit as far as I can figure. You’re really pissing me off.

Q:            Again, you don’t know the year when you first had this conversation?

A:            No.

[Courtesy of Dan Daly]