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Trial Transcript: “Bad karma” and other deadly threats

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BY RESPONDENT’S COUNSEL Q:     Okay.  And at some point – Mr. Jones is from Russia, right? A:      Yes. Q:     And at some point he came back to the United States and he sought to re-initiate his romantic relationship with you, right? A:      Yes. Q:     And – and you were not interested in, in resuming that romantic relationship, right? A:      Correct. …

D.C. criminal defense attorney

Truth=good. Lie=bad.

Jamison KoehlerDomestic Violence, Trial Advocacy

Complaining witnesses lie on the stand. This never ceases to amaze me. They could be telling the absolute truth about events that led to the criminal prosecution. But when they get on the stand and they are challenged on details during cross-examination, they abandon the truth.

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Can a CPO be denied?

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The court may not have “jurisdiction” (i.e., power) to issue the order. Or the court may decide, after holding a hearing, that there is not “good cause” to believe a crime was committed.

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The “Back Story” in a Civil Protection Order Hearing

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I took a break yesterday afternoon from losing to Norm Pattis at Words with Friends to finish up a civil protection order hearing in D.C. Many colleagues eschew any case involving a domestic dispute.  The cases are messy.  People tend to cry.  There is lots of emotion and not much law. I, on the other hand, love these cases.  I …