No room for the boy

Baltimore graffiti

Representing the bad guys: Criminal defense lawyers sometimes make tradeoffs when we take on domestic violence cases

Overwhelming clients with communication

Baltimore graffiti

Although we may take the most pride in our skills in the courtroom, clients tend to care far more about how well we communicate with them over the life of the case.

Stop plagiarizing my website

D.C. criminal defense attorney

Last year I found out that Nabeel Kibria of Ervin Kibria Law had lifted whole blocks of language from my website for use on his.

On being fired as a criminal defense lawyer

Graffiti used to demonstrate expungements from a D.C. criminal defense attorney

Although it is no fun to be fired by an unhappy client, there is no excuse for contradicting the client or for betraying client confidences.

A prosecutor is caught in a lie

D.C. criminal defense lawyer

An Assistant U.S. Attorney has been referred for disciplinary action after being caught misrepresenting facts before a U.S. District Court.

On finding out people have been plagiarizing this website

Kimchi Juice

My website is making its comeback on Google. But I am troubled to find that people have been plagiarizing the site — in one case, whole paragraphs were lifted from my site and reproduced on someone else’s.

An Ethical Prosecutor Confronts Her Own Witness

BY DEFENSE COUNSEL ON CROSS Q: Ms. Smith, do you have an email account? A: Do I have an e-mail account? Q: Yes. A: I do. Q: Is it a Yahoo account? A: No. Q: What is your… Read More

On the Benefits of a Flat Fee Agreement

Criminal defense attorneys often use flat fees; that is, we charge a set sum to cover the entire course of a representation. This includes arraignment, negotiations with the prosecutor, any legal research that needs to be conducted, preliminary… Read More

This Is Not About You Or Me

The prosecutor is mad at me. So I send her a quick email to apologize. It is true:  I am sorry. I am sorry that she has been sick. I am sorry that her daughter has been sick…. Read More

Life Lessons for My Law Practice

I am in Nairobi.  Kenya is famous, among other things, for its malachite jewelry, and I would like to buy my wife a malachite necklace.  I check at the hotel store and see that the necklaces there sell… Read More