My claim to fame

July 3, 2020
criminal defense attorney

This website is my claim to fame at D.C. Superior Court. It is not my commanding courtroom presence or my oral advocacy skills. It is not even my good looks. It is this website.

On choosing a house. Or a lawyer.

June 23, 2020
Choosing a DC Criminal Defense Lawyer - Graffiti on DC Wall

Some clients will hire the first lawyer they reach by phone. Others will take more time. They interview multiple lawyers in person. They ask questions.

A “chance encounter” at the airport

June 16, 2020
D.C. criminal defense attorney

Q: Well, let me spell it out for you. At the airport, you showed up out of the blue, uninvited. Just like in the song. A: I had no idea she and her boyfriend would be there.

Starting a criminal defense practice after Covid

D.C. criminal defense practice - graffiti image

The changes now being effected in response to the pandemic — specifically the trend toward on-line hearings — could pose challenges for new lawyers seeking to start criminal defense practices in D.C.

Criminal defense in the Covid era

June 15, 2020
DC Superior Court

We will learn. We will adapt. But as with so many other things in our lives, there will be the pre- and the post-Covid eras. Things will never be the same.

Expunging marijuana arrest/conviction in D.C.

June 2, 2020
Marijuana conviction in DC - graffiti on wall

Offenses that have been decriminalized (for example, the possession of a small amount of marijuana) present one of the most promising options for sealing or expunging a criminal record in Washington, D.C.

Unlawful Entry in D.C.: Odumn v. United States

June 1, 2020
Unlawful Entry D.C. graffiti on building

According to D.C. Court of Appeals decision in Odumn v. United States, “a landlord may not prohibit a tenant from inviting a third party onto leased premises for a lawful purpose, nor may the landlord prohibit such third party from entering or exiting the property through the property’s common space.”

A “no-lose” question at a CPO hearing

May 22, 2020
CPO in DC Court

You have to love the “no-lose” questions on cross-examination. Yes or no. You win no matter how the witness responds.

Writing about COVID-19 and the D.C. jail

April 21, 2020

How do you write about COVID-19 and the D.C. jail without resorting to hyperbole? How do you ask the judge to bend the rules?

The stupefied police officer

February 15, 2020
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

Police officers have all the answers on direct examination. The clarity and animation disappear when it comes time to answer questions from the defense.