That we should know the place as ours

August 8, 2020
Baltimore living room Charlie

This, for now, is our piece of earth. I clear away the brush and stack the wood in a pile near the shed and think: This is the possible we hold so briefly to.

Paying D.C. court costs, fees and fines during Covid-19 pandemic

August 3, 2020
D.C. Superior Court Sign - Where to Pay Fees

With the D..C. Superior Court finance office now closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, courts costs, fines and fees can now be paid online or by mail.

Can I represent myself at a CPO hearing in DC?

August 2, 2020
D.C. skyline representing CPO hearing

Yes. You have the right to represent yourself in a legal matter. In fact, although virtually all defendants in a criminal case will be represented by a lawyer, parties at most restraining order hearings are acting pro se; that is, they are representing themselves.

What should I bring with me to a CPO hearing in D.C.?

August 1, 2020
Washington DC Memorials re: CPO hearing

Although it is often helpful to have physical evidence to corroborate your version of events, the only thing you absolutely need to bring to a restraining order hearing in D.C. is yourself.

Obtaining a restraining order during the Covid-19 pandemic

July 31, 2020
Washington DC regarding Restraining Orders during COVID-19

With D.C. Superior Court now closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Civil Protection Orders (CPOs), Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) and other forms of restraining orders must be obtained remotely.

Presenting your best self at a virtual hearing

July 25, 2020
D.C. criminal defense lawyer

I am nosy. I am also a snob. I am curious what people choose to display in the background behind them during virtual hearings.

An interloper on the SCTLA listserv

July 12, 2020
D.C. criminal defense attorney

The judge issues the order on the very same day that I complain publicly on the SCTLA listserv. On a Saturday. After sitting on the motion for over 9 months.

Bianca Forde: The view from her side of the courtroom

July 9, 2020
Bianca Ford

The photograph depicts Bianca Forde sitting in a New York criminal courtroom. In this courtroom, however, she is sitting at the defense table. She is in casual clothes. And she is looking pretty unhappy.

My claim to fame

July 3, 2020
criminal defense attorney

This website is my claim to fame at D.C. Superior Court. It is not my commanding courtroom presence or my oral advocacy skills. It is not even my good looks. It is this website.

On choosing a house. Or a lawyer.

June 23, 2020
Choosing a DC Criminal Defense Lawyer - Graffiti on DC Wall

Some clients will hire the first lawyer they reach by phone. Others will take more time. They interview multiple lawyers in person. They ask questions.