Shoutout to the AUSAs in D.C.  

November 29, 2022
D.C. Flag

Given my experience with county prosecutors in Philadelphia and Virginia, it was a welcome surprise to begin working with Assistant U.S. Attorneys in D.C.

As-salamu alaykum.  Have a blessed day.

November 16, 2022
Baltimore graffiti

I look forward to seeing him every morning. We do our little exchange, our private joke, and then we fist bump, and I continue onto the metro smiling and in much better spirits.

Winter came

September 13, 2022

This is why we say goodbye.  Letting go is what it comes to.

I told you so

September 5, 2022
Baltimore graffiti

Sometimes you need to exercise your right to remain silent. Sometimes you should take your lawyer’s advice.

Forever houses

August 25, 2022
Lindsey road

My wife has a history of agreeing to rent or buy the first place we visit whenever we are looking for a place to live. This is great, she says. We’ll take it.

On a client’s changing expectations

August 19, 2022
Jefferson and Washington monuments

Client expectations can fluctuate wildly, even within a given case. A big part of our job is to make sure these expectations are both informed and realistic.

The “Rule of Lenity” in D.C.

June 12, 2022
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According to the “Rule of Lenity,” a court should construe any ambiguity in the language of a criminal statute in favor of the defendant.

On working with indigent criminal defendants

May 13, 2022
Jefferson Memorial

Five tips for representing indigent criminal defendants: (1) never push a plea, (2) don’t defend the system, (3) never contradict your client, (4) a light touch often works best, and (5) a thick skin will prevent burnout.

Online DUI Programs and Courses in D.C.

April 3, 2022
Jefferson Memorial

Find out more here about online DUI programs and courses that have been approved by the Office of the Attorney General in Washington, D.C.

On the “Claim of Right” Defense in D.C.

March 14, 2022
U.S. Capitol building

Although “claim of right” is a valid defense to robbery and other theft offenses, the defense fails when the defendant takes more than the property whose ownership is in question.