Thank You For Your Vote Of Confidence

Jamison KoehlerJuveniles

Dear Juvenile Client:

You must think I am one really, really good lawyer. Why else would you violate every condition of your pre-trial probation — knowing that this would result in your being locked up until forever — unless you were absolutely convinced that I was going to beat the case?

You are the boss. Consider me as yourself but with a law degree. Mr. Marshall and I can investigate the case. And we can fight the case in the courtroom. What we cannot do is go to school for you, make your weekly meeting with the probation officer, produce clean urines, re-charge your box, and abide by your curfew. That is on you. And unless we beat this case outright, what you do is going to be much more important to your immediate future than anything Mr. Marshall and I have done or could do.

Respectfully, Mr. Koehler