Sometimes I Think The Stenographer Is Out To Get Me

November 6, 2014 Trial Advocacy

I read every transcript I can get my hands on, including my own.  My office mate at the Philly PD’s office used to give me a hard time about that – he thought I was being vain. But he may have been giving me more credit than I deserved.  Sometimes you are proud of how […]

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“Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted”

November 4, 2014 Humor
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A Prosecutor Melts Down

November 2, 2014 Law Practice

We had at least one meltdown every year at the public defender’s office in Philadelphia.  Sometimes the meltdown was very public:  the PD throwing down her files and stomping out of the court room.  Other times it was a more private affair.  The defender would simply drop his files back at the office and leave, […]

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You Do Not Pronounce The “H” in Amherst

November 1, 2014 Miscellaneous

I grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts.  My mother and two of my sisters still live in the area.  And I take all of this very seriously:  You do not pronounce the “h”.  It may be “Am-HERST,” New York.  But it is “Am-ERST,” Massachusetts. I am always amazed to hear a graduate from one of the […]

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It Is All About Respect

October 26, 2014 Law Practice

The judge takes the bench at 9:15 am. That she does this every day without fail is a sign of respect for herself, for the system, and for every person who appears in front of her. And it makes my job easier too: Make sure you are there no later than 9:00 o’clock, I tell […]

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MSNBC on Blackwater Murder Verdict

October 25, 2014 Current Events
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Worthy v. United States: The DCCA on Prior Consistent Statements

October 23, 2014 Evidence

Just because you repeat something over and over does not make it true.  Nor are you permitted to “bolster” your own witness. A “prior consistent statement” – a witness’ previous statement that is consistent with something the witness testifies to while on the stand – is generally inadmissible.  If it is an out-of-court statement offered […]

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“I Make Over Six Figures A Year. What Am I Doing Here?”

October 14, 2014 DUI and Driving Offenses

Guest Post by Tyler Wolff* These are the first words that went through my head when the jury found me guilty of my second DUI.  The first one was a dangerous mistake:  I was young, underage, drinking with a fake ID, and hadn’t consumed much alcohol in my life up to that point.  Really, growing […]

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Thank You For Your Vote Of Confidence

October 9, 2014 Juveniles

Dear Juvenile Client: You must think I am one really, really good lawyer. Why else would you violate every condition of your pre-trial probation — knowing that this would result in your being locked up until forever — unless you were absolutely convinced that I was going to beat the case? You are the boss. […]

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Lawyer Advertising: The “Texas Law Hawk”

October 3, 2014 Law Marketing/Networking

H/T A Public Defender

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