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My claim to fame

Jamison KoehlerD.C. Superior Court, Law Marketing/Networking

This website is my claim to fame at D.C. Superior Court.

It is not my command of the courtroom or my superior oral advocacy skills.  It is not even my good looks.  

It is this website.  

I accompanied my wife the other day to her former law firm to pick up some materials.  The paralegal recognized me.  She said she often visits the site for reference.  And she complimented me on the quality of the information.  

Thank you.  I have put a lot of work into it.  

Prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys tell me they use the site for citations, elements of an offense, and statutory maximum penalties.  This puts an extra burden on me to make sure the information is accurate.  

Apparently police officers use the website as well.  

The other day I was cross-examining a police officer at a DMV hearing.  I was being – how do I put it? – kind of nasty to him.  All he did was grin.  He seemed to be tickled about something. 

He approached me afterward in the hallway.  I assumed he was coming over to complain.  Counselor, he said.  We all use your site for the Standardized Field Sobriety Test clues.  

A colleague suggested I should change the clues the morning before every hearing.  That would really mess them up, wouldn’t it? 

I do need to update my profile picture.  A client commented that my hair was a bit darker in the photograph.  This had not occurred to me but it has been at least ten years since the photo was taken.  I think the client was being charitable; I have also put on some weight.