Renewal of CJA Panel for 2024

Jamison KoehlerCurrent Events, D.C. Superior Court

D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Anita Josey-Herring issued an order on March 15, 2024, that renewed for four years the list of attorneys eligible to accept appointments under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA).  The full list is provided below.

This is the first re-establishment of the panel since 2018.  (The 2022 renewal was delayed because of the pandemic.)

The order appoints 134 lawyers to the “full panel” (that is, eligible to receive both misdemeanors and felonies) and an additional 19 lawyers to the “provisional panel.”  With approximately 153 lawyers on the panel, this is down almost 60 lawyers from the previous list.  And the number is considerably below the many hundreds of attorneys that used to be on the list.

The ABA Journal reported last month that “prosecutors are quitting in droves.”  The problem also seems to extend to lawyers interested in doing court-appointed work in D.C. 

It was difficult to pick up cases before the pandemic.  With the government dismissing most charges, it was even more difficult during the pandemic.  Ever since, there has been a shortage of lawyers willing to do court-appointed work.  This has resulted in urgent calls almost every day for more lawyers to sign up for cases on any particular day. 

Full Panel Members

Ain, Andrew
Akintoye, Hannah
Akulian, David
Allburn, Megan
Allen, Charles
Amissah, Albert (A.J.)
Archer, Colleen
Balarezo, A. Eduardo
Baldwin, Todd
Baron, Gregg
Bethel, Thecla
Bethel, Victoria *
Bississo, Omar
Bogash, Samuel
Bookhard, Bryan
Borecki, Susan
Bruckheim, Michael
Burrell, Brandon
Cade, Anthony
Catacalos, Damon
Clark, Jason
Cooper, Bruce
Cooper, Peter
Copeland, Gregory
Daniels II, Darryl
Dansie, Lucas
D’Antuono, Frances
Davies, Matthew *
DiMillo, Anthony
Dorsey, Daniel
Dozier, Jalil
Ellis, Susan
Engle, Thomas
Escoto, Henry
Evans, Ferguson
Falodun, Oluwole (Wole)
Fay, Joseph
Franklin, Gretchen
Gain, Edward (Skip)
Goldstone, Mark
Hairston, Russell
Hakimzadeh, Kiumars
Harden, Brandi
Harris, Adam
Harrison, Claudine
Haskell, Charles
Healy, Thomas
Hertz, Matthew
Heslep, Thomas
Holliday, Jr., Richard
Holt, Veronice
Houston, Linda
Irving, Kevin
Iverson, Frederick
Jacques, Tammy
Jean-Baptiste, Chantal
Jenkins, Theresa
Johnson, Stuart
Jones, Raymond
Joseph, Edward
Judkins, Quo Mieko
Kalafat, Jason
Kamara, Louis
Kassees, Kevin
Key, Thomas
Khan, M. Azhar
Kiersh, Steven
King, Marnitta
Kleiman, Teresa
Koehler, Jamison
Kopecki, Sara
Kovler, Daniel
Langello, Chris
Lanyi, Jonathan
Lester, Thomas
Lockard, Michelle
LoGerfo, Stephen
Machado, John
Madden, Michael
Maddox-Levine, T. Gail
Madsen, Adrian 
McCoy, Joseph
McCoy, Rachel
McDonald, Randy
McEachern, Howard
McGonigal, Kyle
McLaurin, Santia  
Miller, Cedric
Minor, Karen
Molina, Joseph
Moore, Anne-Marie
Nicholas, Lauckland
O’Bryant, Adgie
Ogilvie, Steven
Ogolo, Chidi
Okezie, Justin
Oliver, Kevin
Page, Derrick
Patel, Sweta
Penna, Kelsey 
Perrone, June
Phipps, Kelsey
Polin, Steven
Powell, Clarence
Queen, Elliott
Ramsay, Angela
Reed, Janai
Ricard, Craig
Rist, Matthew
Robertson, Kevin
Robinson, Ralph
Rollins, Mark
Rosendorf, Martin
Sample, John
Sapirstein, Lisbeth
Schrager, Seth
Scialpi, Errin
Serrano, Miguel
Simmons, Sellano
Smith, Anthony
Smith, Jr., Jerry
Stevens, Michelle (Gemma)
Sukumar, Shawn
Swaney, Julie Marie
Thomas, Alvin
Thompson, Everald
Vaughan, Courtney
Wagner, Camille
Weathers, Sharon
Weletz, Carrie
Weller, Elizabeth (Betsy)
Winograd, Jesse
Ziadie, Lola
Zucker, Johnathan

Provisional Panel Members:

Amponsah, Oheneba (“Kofi”) 
Barrella, Nigel
Boggs, Justin
Camacho, Antonio
Graham, Charvin
Hammad, Neveen
Harris, Tonya
Hillmann, Alexander
Hyde, Patrick
Kaplan, Martine
Martorana, John
Mason, Jeremy
McCliggott, Sean
Palacio, Edwin
Rollins, Cynthia 
Roman, Laura
Valentine, James 
Wilson, Julie
Young, Christopher