D.C. criminal defense lawyer

The stupefied police officer

Jamison Koehler Trial Advocacy

Police officers have all the answers on direct examination. The clarity and animation disappear when it comes time to answer questions from the defense.

D.C. criminal defense attorney

Truth=good. Lie=bad.

Jamison Koehler Domestic Violence, Trial Advocacy

Complaining witnesses lie on the stand. This never ceases to amaze me. They could be telling the absolute truth about events that led to the criminal prosecution. But when they get on the stand and they are challenged on details during cross-examination, they abandon the truth.

D.C. criminal defense attorney

I try cases

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I have taken 63 cases to trial since 2015. I have secured outright acquittals in 23 of these cases – roughly 37 % – and partial acquittals in an additional 8.