Trial Transcript: On the Definition of “Stuporous”

Jamison KoehlerDUI and Driving Offenses, Trial Advocacy

DEFENSE ATTORNEY:  I noticed that you checked the box for “stuporous” on the police report.

OFFICER:  Yes sir.

Q:  You also used the term on direct.

A:  Yes sir.

Q:  You obviously thought that this was an important observation.

A:  Yes.

Q:  Let me ask you, Officer.  When was the last time you used that term in every day conversation?

A:  Could you repeat the question?

Q:  When is the last time you used the word “stuporous” in the course of every day conversation?  You know, speaking with a friend or colleague.

A:  I don’t know.  Not a lot.

Q:  Not a lot.  Or never?

A:  Never, I guess.

Q:  Can you define it?

PROSECUTOR:  Objection.

COURT:  Overruled.  You can answer the question.

OFFICER:  I am sorry?

DEFENSE ATTORNEY:  Do you know what “stuporous” means?

A:  I am not sure what it means.  I don’t know.  Confused?

Q:  You can’t define it and yet you thought it was important enough to include in your testimony.

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can you spell it?

PROSECUTOR:  Objection.

COURT:  Sustained.

OFFICER:  I can spell –

PROSECUTOR:  — No need to answer —

COURT:   — Next question.