A “Not Guilty” Letdown

by Jamison Koehler on September 12, 2012
Jefferson and Washington monuments

I walk my client out to the street afterward (“You mean I don’t have to sign anything, I can just go?”), disappointed that, since it is late in the day, there is no one still at the courthouse to share the news with. First I get my wife’s voice mail. Then I get my investigator’s. Walking over to the parking garage, I run into my pal Sean Riley. At least I have somebody to tell. Riley is game.  He puts on a good show of interest.

2 Comments on “A “Not Guilty” Letdown

  1. One of the oddest things about this job is how quickly the “highs” pass. You win a murder trial one day, the next day you’re just another lawyer in traffic court.

    Nice work on the win!

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