A “two-tiered justice system” at the D.C. Jail

Jamison KoehlerCurrent Events, D.C. Superior Court

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone to the “D.C. Jail.”  

The purpose of her visit was to protest conditions for the 20-30 people still being held in connection with the January 6, 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol building.

There’s a clear difference with respect to how those defendants are being treated, she told The Washington Post:  “It’s a two-tiered justice system.” 

She also complained about allegations of rape and assault.  

In order to make this statement, Greene had to have come out of the Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF), which is where the J6 defendants are being held, walk down about 100 yards, then turn left and walk up another 50 yards to the entrance of the main jail, the Central Detention Facility (CDF).

Because that is where she spoke to members of the press.  

So you would assume that she knows the difference between the CTF and the CDF.  

Then again, this is the same woman who does not know the difference between “gazpacho police” and the Gestapo. 

Between “peach tree” and Petri dishes.  

Between “marshall” and martial law.  

Between “title” and tidal waves.

And between a person “quacking” in his shoes versus quaking in his shoes. 


The CTF is where women, juveniles being held as adults, defendants cooperating with the government, people with medical conditions and other vulnerable men are held.  The security is relaxed, and the conditions are far, far better than at the CDF.  

Responding to complainants made on behalf of the J6 defendants, the U.S. Marshall Service conducted a surprise inspection of the D.C. Jail in November 2021.  Documenting miserable conditions at the CDF, including mold and standing sewage in the cells, the Marshall Service gave a clean bill of health to the CTF.  

As a result, I beg and plead to have my mostly brown and black clients transferred from the CDF to the CTF.  

I was particularly concerned, for example, about an African American client who was being held a while back at the CDF.  

Standing 5’3” and slight, my client was 18 years old and looked to be even younger.  He was still wearing braces, for goodness sake.  

Concerned about predators at the CDF, I emailed the General Counsel of the Department of Correction at 3:00 o’clock one morning begging for my client’s transfer.  Surprised to get a return email almost immediately, I was told that CTF was overbooked and my client was now number 50 on the waiting list.

The next morning I read in The Washington Post that, at that time, there were exactly 50 J6 defendants being held at the CTF.  For the most part, these were able-bodied white men.

“Two-tiered justice system,” indeed.  

Moreover, as I understand it from clients, the J6 defendants are isolated from other defendants at the CTF.  So if there are any allegations of rape or assaults, as Greene alleges, perhaps she should look within.  I guess that should not be surprising considering that only the most violent J6 defendants are being held at all.