Judicial Assignments for 2021: Criminal Calendar

by Jamison Koehler on October 25, 2020
DC Superior Court front


Courtroom 111, Senior Judges, 5th District
Courtroom 112, Senior Judges, 6th District
Courtroom 202, Judge Jonathan Pittman, 2nd and 4th Districts
Courtroom 210, Judge Yvonne Williams, 1st District
Courtroom 211, Judge Gerald Fisher, Mental Health Court
Courtroom 213, Judge William W. Nooter, Drug Court
Courtroom 220, Judge Steven Wellner, 3rd District
Courtroom 320, Senior Judges, 7th District


Courtroom 203, Judge Juliet McKenna, Felony 1
Courtroom 216, Judge Robert Okun, Felony 2
Courtroom 217, Judge Michael Ryan, Felony 2
Courtroom 218, Judge James Crowell, Felony 2
Courtroom 310, Judge Michael O’Keefe, Felony 2
Courtroom 311, Judge Judith Smith, Felony 2
Courtroom 312, Judge Rainey Brandt, Felony 2
Courtroom 313, Judge Neal E. Kravitz, Felony 1
Courtroom 314, Judge Milton Lee, Felony 1
Courtroom 315, Chief Judge Josey-Herring, Grand Jury/Extraditions
Courtroom 316, Judge Marisa Demeo, Felony 1
Courtroom 317, Judge Danya Dayson, Felony 1
Courtroom 319, Judge John M. Campbell, Felony 2
Courtroom 321, Judge Julie Becker, Felony 2

Domestic Violence/Civil Protection Orders

Courtroom 113, Judge Jennifer Anderson, Civil
Courtroom 114, Judge Kimberley Knowles, Civil
Courtroom 117, Judge John McCabe, Criminal
Courtroom 118, Judge Maribeth Raffinan, Criminal

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