Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy should start with an apology

Jamison KoehlerCurrent Events

No more pandering to racists and morons.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has asked Pelosi to refrain from proceeding with impeachment proceedings.  He makes this request in the interests of “unity.”  

This is the guy who refused to accept the results of a valid election and voted to overturn it.  

We liberals are asked to consider the feelings of the 74 million Americans who voted for a lying, racist tyrant.  They feel misunderstood and ignored, we are told.  They are hurting.

These are the same people who have been poking fun at us libtards for 4 years.  “F— your feelings,” said the T-shirt of the one people who stormed the Capitol.  They have rejoiced in “owning the liberals” at every opportunity.

Calls for empathy have been met with a receptive audience.  There is a reason they call us “bleeding heart” liberals.  This is not intended as a compliment.

I am done with that.  

Senator McConnell denied President Obama one of his seats on the Supreme Court.  He then jammed Amy Coney-Barrett through in record-setting time.  

He knew it was hypocritical.  He did it anyway.  

This is the approach Democrats should adopt during the limited 2-year window between elections:  You do what you can get away with.  

We should grant statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico.  We should increase the size of the Supreme Court.  We should abolish the Electoral College.  And so on. 

We may not succeed.  But we should at least try.  

Changing demographics are on our side.  Never again should we have a person sitting in the White House who has not been able to win a majority of the popular vote.  

Kevin McCarthy wants unity?  The ball is in his court.  He should start by acknowledging that he was wrong to propogate the lie of a rigged election.  He should start with an apology.  

After all, the 80 million Americans who voted for Biden also have feelings.