Two Poems on Snow

by Jamison Koehler on February 23, 2011
Aerial view of DC



I wake, and think
so this is how
it comes,
no thunder, wind,
or windstorm’s
violence to rend
our lower nature,

a presence.
Outlines are
familiar: light
was present yesterday.
Without event
the miracle is here.

Given the day,
let crystal loose
on me, to see
beyond the accident
of snow, this
brilliance touched with rose.

@ G. Stanley Koehler


I peeked through the blinds this morning
saw that it was snowing,
and went running
The snow lay in sullied piles
on the side of roads.
I sprint for the playground
and I swing,
a steady pendulum
as the earth spins around me
snow as pure as the morning after
Jesus was crucified, if I believe
in forgiveness after all
You had conversations before I existed, Grandfather.
I thank the places
where the snow slips back into the ground
pure as the moment it
for your words, a light
dust on the ground
and the snow is coming from the North now
and it is time.

@ Laura Koehler

5 Comments on “Two Poems on Snow

  1. From your juxtaposition of the two poems, the common last name, and the reference to Grandfather in the latter poem, can I assume the poems were written by grandfather and granddaughter? If so, it looks as though the granddaughter has inherited much of her grandfather’s writing ability. Beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “Only a presence…” Both poems have a similarity of tone,
    although the ending of the second one sent a shiver down my spine. Rereading the first poem again, I realized that maybe both poems
    have two parts. Maybe.

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