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Cold Feet on the Morning of Trial

Jamison KoehlerMiscellaneous

It must be pretty intimidating to arrive at the courthouse for trial to find five police officers, an eyewitness, and a complaining witness all sitting in the hallway, laughing and joking with each other and then growing silent as you pass by – all of them there for the sole purpose of testifying against you, their bond a common interest in seeing you convicted. This might help explain your last minute decision to plead guilty, despite a strong defense and a lawyer, mother and investigator all advising you to exercise your constitutional right to trial.  As they say, if you plead guilty, there is 100% chance you will be found guilty.

Your lawyer’s lesson from the day:  Make sure to incorporate a better warning about cold feet on the day of trial into your standard preparation.  And do a better job of listening to your client.

P.S. to co-counsel:  Your client is sitting outside in the hallway.  He is the one with the white T-shirt and tattoos.  He is sitting next to the complaining witness.  Apparently, they do not recognize each other.  I am thinking this might have some bearing on your client’s defense.