“The Type of Guy That Gives Lawyers a Bad Name”

Q:            When did you have that conversation then with David? A:            Prior to him ending up in the hospital. Q:            Do you recall the date, approximately? A:            No, I do not recall an approximate date. Q:            Not even… Read More

Please Call Me “Sir”

I went into a bank this morning wearing sweat pants, and the guy greeting people at the front door called me “Buddy.” I am sure that, had I been wearing a suit, he would have called me “sir.”… Read More

Three Voices in Writing

                        H/T Ken White

“Observe and Report”: The Duties of Fake Cops

This is what the witness’ duty is.  It is not to “protect and serve” like a regular police officer.  Instead, it is to “observe and report.” The judge isn’t sure she heard this right, and she asks him… Read More

A Quadrilateral Named Bob

Second Amendment Scoreboard

Overheard on Twitter

@lisawade:  I bought three bottles of booze at the liquor store tonight and the cashier asked me: “To go?” @greatfox44: I am the second best boxer in my neighborhood.  I always finish second in every fight. @book_krazy: I… Read More

Killer Question on Cross-Exam

A Really Thorough Search for Easter Eggs

Drunk Cowboy in DWI/DUI Video