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Bob Ford Meets Bob Ford

Jamison KoehlerHumor

When we lived in Philadelphia, I used to read a daily column in the Philadelphia Inquirer written by a sportswriter named Bob Ford.

I also played softball every Sunday with a guy named Bob Ford.

At first it did not occur to me that the Bob Ford I played softball with every Sunday had anything to do with the Bob Ford I read in the newspaper.  Then something I said to Bob Ford at softball – an insight I had about the Washington Redskins — ended up in the Inquirer.

Hey, I thought to myself, that was my idea. I shared it with Bob Ford.  Last Sunday at softball.  Now it is in the Inquirer.  In a column written by a sports writer.  A sports writer named Bob Ford.

Did I mention that, next to the sports column, there was a photo of Bob Ford?

That’s when, using the finely honed deductive reasoning skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney, it finally occurred to me:  The two guys had to be twins.