Signs You Have Been Working Out Of Your Home Office For Too Long

Jamison KoehlerHumor, Law Practice

Courtesy of the solo practitioners at the ABA listserv Solosez, here are the top 15 signs that you have been working out of your home office, by yourself, for too long.

  1. You look forward to your dentist appointment.
  2. You’ve started talking to the cat. You don’t like cats.  You don’t have a cat.
  3. You look in the mirror and realize you have grown a beard.
  4. You look in the mirror and realize you have grown a beard.  And you’re female.
  5. A neighbor tells you he suspects you are in the witness protection program.
  6. The neighbors think your wife is having an affair with the FedEx guy.
  7. Your dry cleaner sends your wife a sympathy card.
  8. You start a video conference with a client and the client asks if everything is okay.  You glance down and realize you are still in your pajamas.
  9. Your clients start making “air quotes” with their fingers whenever they refer to your “office.”
  10. You consider your cable bill to be a business expense.
  11. You start referring to Starbucks as your “fancy office downtown.”
  12. You agree to let your kids watch “Charlie Bit My Finger” again.
  13. Your Solosez inbox has no unread messages.
  14. Your voice sounds all “froggy” when you answer the phone.  Clients wonder if they just woke you up.
  15. You try to schedule all of your appointments for the same day so you don’t have to get all dressed up TWICE in the same week.