DUI and Driving Offenses

Koonce v. D.C.: Stationhouse Videos in DUI/OWI Cases Are Discoverable

April 4, 2015 DUI and Driving Offenses

And sometimes the D.C. Court of Appeals gets it just right. For years, the Office of the Attorney General in D.C. has argued that stationhouse videos of suspects in DUI/DWI cases are not “discoverable”; that is, that they do not need to be preserved and turned over to the defense under D.C. Superior Court Rule […]

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Police Officer as Expert at DMV Hearing

January 26, 2015 DUI and Driving Offenses

Q:  You are certified to administer the standardized field sobriety tests? A:  Yes. Q:  So you are familiar with the science behind the standardized field sobriety tests? A:  Yes. Q:  And you are aware that the tests have never been peer-reviewed? A:  Um.  I was not aware – HEARING EXAMINER:  What is the relevance of […]

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Refreshing Recollection at a DMV Hearing

January 22, 2015 DUI and Driving Offenses

DEFENSE COUNSEL:  Objection. HEARING EXAMINER:  Basis? DEFENSE COUNSEL:  I would ask that the officer testify from memory and not read from his report. HEARING EXAMINER:  Officer, are you testifying from memory or are you using the report to refresh your recollection? OFFICER:  I am using the report for recollection. HEARING EXAMINER:  Okay.  And are you […]

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“I Make Over Six Figures A Year. What Am I Doing Here?”

October 14, 2014 DUI and Driving Offenses

Guest Post by Tyler Wolff* These are the first words that went through my head when the jury found me guilty of my second DUI.  The first one was a dangerous mistake:  I was young, underage, drinking with a fake ID, and hadn’t consumed much alcohol in my life up to that point.  Really, growing […]

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The DUI Defense Lawyers Association: A New Challenge to the NCDD

July 16, 2014 DUI and Driving Offenses

I am clueless about the politics. But you know this has to be a really, really bad thing for the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). Justin McShane hinted that something was up at the most recent meeting of the NCDD in New Orleans when he announced that his presentation that day would be his […]

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DUI Lawyers Get No Respect

March 21, 2014 DUI and Driving Offenses

I am attending the “Mastering Scientific Evidence” for DUI cases sponsored by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA).  New Orleans is a wonderfully decadent city:  It is fun to see tourists strolling down Bourbon Street with Mardi Gras beads and a large, fluorescent-colored drink at 10:00 […]

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Drunk Cowboy in DWI/DUI Video

January 13, 2014 DUI and Driving Offenses
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Ready for DUI/DWI Appeals in D.C.

November 5, 2013 Appellate Practice

It is amazing to me there aren’t more appellate DUI/DWI decisions in D.C. Yes, a recent case – Taylor v. District of Columbia – dealt with the legal definition of impairment. Beyond that, however, there are few cases in an area of the law that is in urgent need of reform. Take existing case law on […]

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No More Weekends in DUI Cases

September 24, 2013 DUI and Driving Offenses

Always looking out for the best interests of clients, Michael Bruckheim has come up with a creative way for getting around the new requirement in D.C. that mandatory days of incarceration in DUI cases be served back-to-back. According to the new law that took effect in August 2012, second-time DUI offenders who are sentenced to […]

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DUI Trial Testimony: Basis for Car Stop

September 19, 2013 DUI and Driving Offenses

Q:            Officer, as I understand it, you were parked behind my client at the intersection of 19th and M Streets northwest? A:            Yes. Q:            And there were two reasons you decided to pull him over? A:            Yes. Q:            The first reason was that he didn’t pull forward immediately when the light turned green? A:            Yes, […]

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