I Was Assaulted By Bill Clinton At A “Grip and Grin”

Years ago I tagged along with my wife to a fundraiser at which Bill Clinton was going to be available for a “grip and grin” photograph. Prior to going to the event, I had read that the Clintons,… Read More

No More Snow Forts

Thirty years ago my wife and I hustled across Key Bridge from Georgetown into Rosslyn so that we could hole up in my apartment during a major snowstorm.  Stopping at a grocery store on the way there, we… Read More

Greetings from Sundance

My wife and I are in Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival.  It is the fourth time “festing” for Susan. She was here before in connection with The  Ghosts of Abu Ghraib and The Invisible War…. Read More

Same Person. Different Attire.

It Is 8 Degrees Fahrenheit

It is 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and we have no heat on three floors of our new house. Our prime contractor realized he was in over his head and ran off with our money, leaving most of the planned… Read More

First Robin: Musings From An Empty-Nester

Many years ago my sisters rescued a baby bird who had been separated from its nest during a storm.  Acting on the advice of our veterinarian neighbor, we fed peanut butter bread-balls into its open beak.  The redness… Read More

Koehler Law Open For Business in Maryland

I am now a member of the Maryland Bar.  Along with a certificate I received the other day in the mail was a note from the Clerk informing me that, unlike other jurisdictions, Maryland does not assign “bar… Read More


All here as should be. As to our sorrow, it would answer to have touched your hand, the living, or your sleeve, this button thoughtfully as you would do, or this one left undone. –GSK

They Make Me Wear This Jersey

Dear George: Without children at home to figure out all-things-electronic for us, Susan and I can’t get our television to work.  So we walk over to a Sports Bar on Charles Street to watch the Redskins game.  I… Read More

Living Next Door to the “House of Cards”

Our “House of Cards” neighbor gave me a tour of the house.  I felt honored to get inside, considering that we now have carloads of young people who pull up to photograph themselves outside on the front step. … Read More