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Second-Guessing Your Lawyer

November 7, 2014 Law Marketing/Networking

The caller tells me he wants my professional opinion.  What he really wants is some free legal advice so that he can second-guess the lawyer he has already hired. But the caller has three problems.  His first problem is that I remember him.  I remember speaking with him not once but twice on the phone […]

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Lawyer Advertising: The “Texas Law Hawk”

October 3, 2014 Law Marketing/Networking

H/T A Public Defender

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Lawyer Advertising: “Thanks Dan!!!”

March 7, 2014 Law Marketing/Networking
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A Negative Review on Avvo (Updated)

October 11, 2013 Law Marketing/Networking

I’m in the process of getting a record expunged for an offense that happened in 2006. Currently, I’m going through another law firm and was told the whole process takes no longer than 2 months; you file a motion, it goes to the judge and he has 30 days to make a decision. Well, this […]

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Avvo: Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus

April 24, 2013 Law Marketing/Networking

Like Kramer asking for extra MSG on Seinfeld, I think I am going to put myself on a “please call” list for marketers. Just kidding. Some marketing guy from Avvo called me the other day, and I shut him down the same way I shut down most marketers: I told him I am so swamped […]

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Client “Don’t” List

April 5, 2013 Law Marketing/Networking

Here, courtesy of Gerry Beyer via Rob Robertson/Solosez, is a list of things not to do with clients. Don’t discount fees. Don’t let clients leave without an engagement letter. Don’t waste money on ineffective marketing. Don’t over-complicate things. Don’t make clients wait. Don’t ignore clients. Don’t try to impress your values onto your clients. Don’t […]

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Three Years In: Dealing With Potential Clients on the Internet

November 14, 2012 Law Marketing/Networking

I get a lot of strange emails and phone calls from people who find me on the Internet. A woman wrote me the other day looking for help with all sorts of different legal problems – from personal injury to child custody to criminal matters.  It was unclear from the email whether she was the […]

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My Second Opinion: You Are Ugly, Too

September 27, 2012 Law Marketing/Networking

I no longer offer “free phone consultations” on my website. Yes, I am still glad to talk with people about their case when they call – briefly — and, no, I do not charge them for this time. If there seems to be a fit, I’ll bring them into the office. But I do not […]

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