List for D.C. Juvenile Panel is Out

The list of lawyers approved to take on court appointments for juvenile cases is now out. D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Lee Satterfield issued the order approving the list on February 27. The appointment is good for four… Read More

Judge Knowles Now Hearing DWI Cases in D.C.

Magistrate Judge Kimberley Knowles is now presiding over DWI/DUI cases in Room 116 of D.C. Superior Court.  She takes over from Judge John McCabe, who was sworn in as Associate Judge in December. Born and raised in the… Read More

Vote David Benowitz for Best D.C. Lawyer

The Washington City Paper is again taking votes for “Best of D.C.” in a number of categories.  Winner of the “Best D.C. Lawyer” last year, David Benowitz is again in the running for the award this year.  He… Read More

Kristin Henning to Spend Semester at Yale

They warned us about her at the Public Defender Service. On the eve of her presentation at the Juvenile CJA Panel training, they suggested we spend some extra time with our reading that night because Kristin Henning not… Read More

D.C. Criminal Defense Bar Welcomes Dan Daly

Now we will have to teach him the secret handshake. With yesterday serving as Dan Daly’s final day in court as a D.C. prosecutor, I had the honor of representing the defendant in Daly’s last case on the… Read More

Judge Ringell on Drunk Driving

Every morning in Room 115 of the D.C. Superior Court building, Magistrate Judge Richard H. Ringell delivers an impassioned speech about the evils of drunk driving before proceeding with that morning’s arraignments. Although he rarely changes a word, he… Read More

D.C. Welcomes Jackie Cadman

Mani Golzari told me she was coming to D.C., but I had no idea she was already here until I ran into her yesterday in the basement of Moultrie, heading to her first arraignment.  I was not prepared… Read More

A Public Defender Just Doing His Job

I am watching Mani Golzari of the D.C. Public Defender Service cross-examine a police officer at a probable cause hearing. Of all the cross-examinations I have either done or seen this past week, Golzari’s is undoubtedly the best…. Read More

D.C. “John School” Prostitution Diversion Program Discontinued

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C. has just discontinued the “John School” diversion program, effective August, 2010, for prostitution solicitation.  Prior to that time, people charged with soliciting a prostitute paid a fee of $300 and attended a… Read More

Arraignment in D.C. Superior Court

The arraignment is usually the first court appearance for a criminal defendant in Washington, D.C. and, as such, tends to cause particular anxiety for clients. Do I need a lawyer at the arraignment? What do I say? Should… Read More