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“You do not know how to read a Google Map?”

Jamison Koehler Trial Advocacy

Q:        So you followed him back to his house? A:         I didn’t follow him.  I was on my way to my mother’s house.  She lives in that area.   Q:        You told police that your mother lives on B Street, right? THE COURT:    Is that Northeast, Southeast –  DEFENSE COUNSEL:    — You told police that your mother lives on B Street, Southeast.  Right? A:         I don’t remember what I told …

D.C. criminal defense lawyer

Patience. Not drama.

Jamison Koehler Trial Advocacy

At a recent trial, I called my client’s mother as our only witness.  I regretted this almost immediately. We had interviewed her. We had subpoenaed her. We had prepared her. And I should have left her sitting in the hall outside the courtroom as I rested my case.

On the true meaning of “tragedy”

Jamison Koehler Trial Advocacy

A man is charged with soliciting a prostitute.  He is a Lyft driver who, on the night in question, drops off a customer in D.C.  A female undercover officer approaches the car while he is pulled over.  What happens next is contested. 

Police Officers as Neutral, Disinterested Witnesses

Jamison Koehler Trial Advocacy

I like most of the police officers I work with.  Access to body worn camera footage has also given me greater respect for what they do:  I have seen them deal with volatile and potentially dangerous situations with sensitivity and respect.  But this notion of police officers as neutral, disinterested third party observers who testify impartially on behalf of the government is ridiculous. The officers do pick a side – and it is the government’s. 

Impeachment on Personnel Records

Jamison Koehler Evidence, Trial Advocacy

Q:        If you lost your body worn camera, you could get written up for that, right? A:         Yeah, if you lost it, yes.  But in this situation, it was knocked off or fell off, whatever have you – Q:        Right. A:         I mean, it’s not exactly my fault in this situation but I still need to report the camera is …

Imperfect Impeachment and Kamala Harris

Jamison Koehler Evidence, Trial Advocacy

It is my Kamala Harris moment. You recall her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing.  She sets him up carefully:  Q:  Judge, have you ever discussed Special Counsel Mueller or his investigation with anyone? A:  Well, it was in the news every day. Q:  Have you discussed it with anyone? A:  With other judges, I know, uh – …