With Significant Drop in Crime, D.C. Reduces Size of CJA Panel

The list is finally out. D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Morin announced last fall that the panel of attorneys who are approved to represent indigent criminal defendants would be reconstituted. Everyone was required to re-apply. And, with the… Read More

Policy Shmolicy: Dealing With Junior Prosecutors

Occasionally you have a judge who tells it like it is. I am standing at the bar of the court. My client has successfully completed a diversion program. The clerk calls our case 15 minutes early, before my… Read More

PDS Launches Criminal Law Blog

The Public Defender Service (PDS) has just begun a blog — the PDS Criminal Law Blog — that reviews recent D.C. Court of Appeals opinions.  With Samia Fam, Nancy Glass, Jackie Frankfurt, and a handful of other public… Read More

Dana Tapper Awarded $20,000 on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Last September I wrote about Dana Tapper, a third-year law student at UVA who interned last summer with the Juvenile Services Program of the D.C. Public Defender Service. Apparently I was not the only person to be impressed… Read More

Judge Epps Now Handling DUI Calendar

I just made my first appearance in front of Judge Diana Epps in Room 116.  She took over the DUI calendar for D.C. Superior Court last month after Judge Knowles was sworn in as associate judge. Based on… Read More

Law Students in D.C. Superior Court

It is January, the beginning of the spring semester, and D.C. law students are back in court. There is the Juvenile Justice Clinic and the Prettyman Fellowship program, both programs run out of Georgetown. There is also the… Read More

Mindy Daniels, My Reluctant Mentor

She doesn’t know it yet but Mindy Daniels is going to be my mentor on all things having to do with the D.C. Court of Appeals. One of the first things I do whenever I start out in… Read More

Why I Prefer D.C.

Here are 15 reasons I prefer D.C. Superior Court to the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia: There is a cafeteria. There is a lawyer’s lounge. There is a legal library. Women in orange jackets greet you when you… Read More

Kimberley Knowles Sworn in as D.C. Superior Court Judge

Judge Kimberley Knowles was sworn in as a D.C. Superior Court Associate Judge on Friday.  Confirmed by the Senate on August 2, Judge Knowles had previously served as a magistrate judge, sitting most recently in Room 116 where… Read More

On “Constructive Venting” And Wayne My Investigator

Seth Godin writes about a friend of his, a middle school teacher, who avoided the teacher’s lounge because “he couldn’t bear the badmouthing of students, the whining and the blaming”: Just about every organization, every on-line service, every… Read More