“Your Breath to Keep Me Up”

Many years ago, our mother had to go to the hospital, and it took the doctors a long time to figure out what was wrong with her. During that time, she was running a very high fever and… Read More

Bob Dylan at the Lyric

My wife and I have tickets to see Bob Dylan at the Lyric. This is good news. I like Bob Dylan. And although my wife may not be terribly enthusiastic about his music, she is always happy to… Read More

The Coin, Rubbed Back To Newness

Our son is home from college. The front door opens and there he is:  Tall and slender, like Telemachus standing in the doorway of the shepherd’s hut. There is the pile of clothes in his bedroom, the groan… Read More

“Darling, I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue”

We live on Park Avenue. It is a beautiful tree-lined street in an historic part of town.  But it is not what you think:  It is not Park Avenue in New York City. And that is because we… Read More

Loser Walking

Guest Post By Raymond Koehler I have written for my brother’s law blog before and received a nice response. In fact, Jamie said my post got more responses than any of his own posts. One thing you must… Read More

These Hours Undo Me

After dinner, my brother joins the younger generation in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. I opt to sit out of the game, joining our mother on the sidelines instead. My brother used to be the organizer. There was… Read More

I Will Miss The Conference Room

The Academy Award-nominated documentary The Invisible War begins with the individual stories of men and women who had been raped while serving in the military.  We then see one of the women, Kori Cioca, driving across the country… Read More

An “F” in Grammar for the Washington Post

“The recovery required painful reflections on a 3-13 season that featured a trying rehabilitation, a failed attempt to recapture the magic of his rookie season, a bitter divorce between he, the organization and coach Mike Shanahan.” This is… Read More

My Favorite Woman. My Favorite Congresswoman. And Nancy Pelosi.

The Most Promising Law Students Know Latin and Greek

My brother teaches classics at an inner city high school in Connecticut.  Just the other day he called me with a student on the phone.  Interested in a career in the law, the student wanted to know whether… Read More