Aspiring to Be A Good Lawyer (and Person): Keith Lee’s “The Marble and the Sculptor”

When I started law school back in 2003, I read a number of “how-to” books on going to law school.  There are many of them out there with all sorts of advice on outlining cases, preparing for exams,… Read More

LexisNexis Would Have Me Commit Malpractice.

I am working on a petition to seal a criminal record. I know that the statutory language was recently amended so I check first with my hardcopy version of the code – put out by LexisNexis — to… Read More

Taking The Fall For A Client

If you work for the federal government, you have a boss. Depending on the structure and size of an organization, staffers normally work for a branch chief.  The branch chief reports to a division director who, in turn,… Read More

Busy, Busy, Busy

Back when I worked for the federal government, there were some employees who were really, really busy.  You knew this because their offices were a mess.  Their telephones were no longer accepting messages.  They had that harried look. … Read More

Baltimore Won’t Have Me To Kick Around Just Yet

This whole “transitioning my practice to Baltimore” thing may be more difficult than I had been thinking. I met with my Maryland mentor last week.  It is great that the Maryland Professionalism Center offers this opportunity for people… Read More

Pet Peeves: On Prosecutors and Professionalism

Whenever you walk into a store, it doesn’t matter how busy the staff may be, the clerk should immediately acknowledge your presence.  Good afternoon, sir, the clerk should say.  I will be right with you. You forgive a… Read More

On The Morning Of Trial

Wayne my investigator is a worrier.  I am too. Wayne is an early riser.  So am I. This means I usually have company early mornings before trial. The two of us sit in our respective home offices on… Read More

On Giving My Cell Phone Number to Clients

I have always given out my cell phone number to clients. In almost seven years of practice, I have never once regretted doing this. I even did this as a public defender when I had far more clients… Read More

Hiring the Perfect Employee: Myself

When my wife and I first started going to what turned out to be our favorite local restaurant in Arlington, there was a waiter there I mistakenly assumed was also the owner. He was friendly and efficient, he… Read More

A Personal Goodbye to Bar Exams

I passed the Maryland Out-of-State Lawyers’ Bar Exam.  It was not a slam dunk. I probably over-prepared the last time I sat for a bar – that was the full, two-day Virginia bar exam I took in 2010. … Read More