On Giving My Cell Phone Number to Clients

by Jamison Koehler on July 10, 2013
U.S. Capitol Building

I have always given out my cell phone number to clients. In almost seven years of practice, I have never once regretted doing this. I even did this as a public defender when I had far more clients than I do today.

As a public defender, I looked at it this way: Despite multiple prompts, most of the people I would represent on a given day would not have come into the office for an interview. Why wouldn’t I make it easier for one of those people to contact me?

You can always turn the phone off. You can also tell people when they have reached you at an inconvenient time.

3 Comments on “On Giving My Cell Phone Number to Clients

  1. I stopped giving mine out when a client called one Saturday night an 10:30. I was asleep. They then called back at midnight to complain I had not returned the first call. This was the end. I no longer pass the number out, and I block outgoing calls.

  2. Norm: You have had a lot more clients than I. We’ll see how long my luck/patience lasts.

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