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“Burn-Pit” Class Action Lawsuit Against KBR to Continue

The Associated Press, the Navy Times, and BusinessWeek have all reported on yesterday’s decision by the 4th Circuit to allow a federal lawsuit against U.S. military contractor KBR to continue. As the Navy Times puts it, “The civil cases… Read More

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On Senator McCaskill’s Opposition to the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA)

When I was in government, there was something we called the “Not Invented Here” phenomenon:  You did not support something if you were not going to get credit for it. This is the charitable view of Senator Claire… Read More

Senator Gillibrand on Why We Need the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA)

Good Riddance to John Dingell

It has always been my definition of government waste. As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee, Congressman John Dingell was an extremely powerful man who inspired fear in the hearts of everyone who worked at the… Read More

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House of Cards Does Military Rape

Without giving anything away, the second season of the House of Cards has picked up on the issue du jour – military rape – and the writers are obviously basing their characters on real people.  It is not… Read More