Killer Question on Cross-Exam

A Really Thorough Search for Easter Eggs

Drunk Cowboy in DWI/DUI Video

Photo-Bombing: Kevin Spacey Would Be Proud

Someone With A Sense of Humor . . .

Tailor-Made Firm Name

H/T Kendall Gray

A Lawyer’s Christmas Card

H/T Sam Glover

Bob Ford Meets Bob Ford

When we lived in Philadelphia, I used to read a daily column in the Philadelphia Inquirer written by a sportswriter named Bob Ford. I also played softball every Sunday with a guy named Bob Ford. At first it… Read More

Post No Bills

H/T Kendall Gray

Lamp as Inanimate Object and Other Really Bad Analogies

The Washington Post held a contest a couple of years ago in which it asked school teachers to send in examples of the worst analogies they had ever encountered in grading student papers.  Below, with thanks to Ruth… Read More