D.C. Superior Court’s remote and partially remote courtrooms

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The D.C. Superior Court Criminal Division has increased the number of courtrooms — both remote and partially remote — that will operate during the pandemic.

CPO hearings and some DV trials begin again

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Civil protection order (CPO) hearings begin again in D.C. Superior Court. Trials in misdemeanor domestic violence (DV) cases in which the defendant is in custody will resume in December.

D.C. Superior Court will remain closed for most purposes

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With the pandemic continuing to rage, and no end in sight, D.C. Superior Court will remain closed for most purposes through January 15, 2021.

Judicial Assignments for 2021: Criminal Calendar

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Here are the recently posted judicial assignments for the D.C. Superior Court Criminal Calendar for 2021

The professionalism of D.C. court staff during Covid

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Having also practiced in Pennsylvania and Virginia, I have a basis for comparison when I say good things about the system in Washington, D.C.

Good judge. Bad person.

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A D.C. Superior Court judge — always one of my favorites — retires abruptly after being accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

Remote sites now offered for D.C. court hearings

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D.C. Superior Court now offers WIFI and computers for remote access to hearings at 5 locations. Call 202-879-1900 or email DCCourtsRemoteSites@dcsc.gov.

Bureaucratic delays plague motions to seal

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In a cynical attempt to elicit the court’s sympathy, the government blames Covid-19 for its delays in responding to motions to seal criminal records. Bureaucratic incompetence is the true culprit.

DPAs, DSAs and other D.C. diversion programs during Covid

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Hearings with respect to DPAs, DSAs and other diversion programs in Washington, D.C. will be postponed because of Covid-19. Although the agreements will remain in effect during this time, the government has discretion to terminate the agreements early.

With exceptions, D.C. Superior Court remains closed

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D.C. Superior Court remains closed for most purposes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What this means for criminal cases is as follows.