Why I Prefer D.C.

Here are 15 reasons I prefer D.C. Superior Court to the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia: There is a cafeteria. There is a lawyer’s lounge. There is a legal library. Women in orange jackets greet you when you… Read More

I Am A Snake. That Is What I Do.

Losing is never easy.  It was not easy when we were children.  And it is not necessarily any easier now that we are adults even if, with some perspective and life experience behind us, we are better equipped… Read More

Three Years In: Dealing With Potential Clients on the Internet

I get a lot of strange emails and phone calls from people who find me on the Internet. A woman wrote me the other day looking for help with all sorts of different legal problems – from personal… Read More

On “Constructive Venting” And Wayne My Investigator

Seth Godin writes about a friend of his, a middle school teacher, who avoided the teacher’s lounge because “he couldn’t bear the badmouthing of students, the whining and the blaming”: Just about every organization, every on-line service, every… Read More

These Are People’s Lives We Are Dealing With

The urine test comes back negative for alcohol, and I chuckle at my newfound belief in the accuracy of the much maligned urine tests. I wonder briefly how the police officer will explain the notations in his paperwork… Read More

My Second Opinion: You Are Ugly, Too

I no longer offer “free phone consultations” on my website. Yes, I am still glad to talk with people about their case when they call – briefly — and, no, I do not charge them for this time…. Read More

Met and Unmet Client Expectations

Over at Tempe Criminal Defense, Matt Brown has been talking about expectations – client expectations and his own.  “The angry client rant is tough,” Brown says. And the problem, he says, starts with expectations. Clients expect the system… Read More

Why I Like D.C.’s Public Defender Service

When I worked as a public defender in Philadelphia, we had what I can only describe as an uneasy relationship with the private criminal defense bar.  Looking at it from the standpoint of the PD’s office, there were… Read More

Bringing the Judge Into A Plea Bargain

“That’s as low as my office is willing to go for this type of offense.” This is what the prosecutor tells me. We are talking about the number of hours of community service my client would be required… Read More

Trial Notebook as Security Blanket

I recently served as co-counsel in two juvenile cases with Eddie Ferrer of D.C. Lawyers for Youth.  Although neither case ended up going to trial, you do get a pretty good sense of your colleagues when working together… Read More