Virginia Criminal Offenses

The Virginia Code defines what constitutes a criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Generally, a criminal offense will require both an act (or an omission to act) and a mental state – or mens rea. In other words, it is not enough that the government needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed some act that is prohibited by law. The government must also prove that the defendant had the required criminal intent. Further information on selected criminal offenses in Virginia (both the elements of the offenses and the maximum penalties) is provided below.


Malicious Wounding

Public Intoxication

Drunk in Public in Arlington, Virginia
Drunk in Public in Alexandria, Virginia
Drunk in Public in Fairfax, Virginia
Drunk in Public in Prince William County, Virginia

Reckless Driving


Assault and Battery
Bad Checks
Credit Card Offenses
Grand/Petit Larceny
Identity Theft
Larceny By False Pretenses
Larceny By Receiving Stolen Goods