DUI Lawyers Get No Respect

I am attending the “Mastering Scientific Evidence” for DUI cases sponsored by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA).  New Orleans is a wonderfully decadent city:  It is fun to… Read More

Drunk Cowboy in DWI/DUI Video

Ready for DUI/DWI Appeals in D.C.

It is amazing to me there aren’t more appellate DUI/DWI decisions in D.C. Yes, a recent case – Taylor v. District of Columbia – dealt with the legal definition of impairment. Beyond that, however, there are few cases in… Read More

No More Weekends in DUI Cases

Always looking out for the best interests of clients, Michael Bruckheim has come up with a creative way for getting around the new requirement in D.C. that mandatory days of incarceration in DUI cases be served back-to-back. According… Read More

DUI Trial Testimony: Basis for Car Stop

Q:            Officer, as I understand it, you were parked behind my client at the intersection of 19th and M Streets northwest? A:            Yes. Q:            And there were two reasons you decided to pull him over? A:            Yes. Q:           … Read More

DUI Trial Transcript: One-Leg Stand

Q:            Turning your attention now, Officer, to the one-leg stand. A:            Okay. Q:            Mr. Jones had you step into the well of the court and demonstrate how you delivered the instructions on the night in question. A:            Yes,… Read More

DUI Trial Testimony: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

BY DEFENSE ATTORNEY Q:            Now, officer, turning to the HGN? A:            Yes. Q:            The horizontal gaze nystagmus? A:            Yes. Q:            It’s fair to say that you are not an opthamologist? A:            That’s right. Q:            Or an optometrist? A:           … Read More

DUI Trial Testimony: The Car Stop

Q:            Officer, you testified on direct that when you first saw my client, he was driving southbound on 7th Street? A:            Yes. Q:            You were driving northbound? A:            Actually I was parked.  I was parked facing north. Q:           … Read More

Classic D.C. Trial Transcript: Key on St. Ledger, Part II

BY MR. KEY: Q:  When was the last time this particular machine, the one in Government’s Exhibit Number 4, was actually calibrated? A:  You mean auto-cal’d?  Are you talking recertified or auto-cal’d? Q:  All of them. You tell… Read More

Classic D.C. Trial Transcript: Thomas Key on William St. Ledger, Part I

In 2010, Thomas Key and Bryan Brown almost single-handedly dismantled the Metropolitan Police Department’s DUI program through a series of remarkable revelations about the inadequacies of the program. In 2011, the two defense attorneys set their sights on the… Read More