Susan at State of Union

Susan Burke Receives “Social Action Award”

Goosefraba for Chris Brown

In a city in which you can hail a motorcade, the sight of a famous politician will barely draw a second look.  But people go crazy whenever they come into contact with a movie star or famous musician…. Read More

The Walter Mitty of EPA

Former EPA employee John Beale told colleagues that he worked for the CIA, traveling to far-flung places like Pakistan.  In an email to his then supervisor, the current Administrator Gina McCarthy, he referred obliquely to his work for… Read More

Washington Post Profiles Susan

Having spent most of my adult life reading the Washington Post, I have come to believe there is no higher honor than a front-page, above-the-fold, color profile in the Style section.  Here is a great article in the… Read More

PBS News Hour Report on Sexual Assault in Military

General Altenburg can hardly bring himself to say Susan’s name. And although he says he strongly disagrees with her that sexual assault conviction rates in the military are far lower than in civilian courts, he has no numbers… Read More

Military Readiness, Not Criminal Justice, for U.S. Commanders

Military readiness.  Protecting American lives. That’s all you need to say in order to get people to do almost anything. It is also the card U.S. military chiefs are playing in opposing legislation sponsored by Senator Gillibrand that… Read More

Sexual Assault in Military: Gillibrand and Burke on Christiane Amanpour

Unnatural Consequences: The Price of a Tweet

Guest Post by Mary Anne Brush We can all agree that smart kids sometimes do stupid things. Studies show that the teenage brain is not fully developed, which leads to impulsive decision-making. And who doesn’t believe an important… Read More

My Brush With Margaret Thatcher

London. June 1990. I was low man on the U.S. delegation, probably the most junior person at the whole negotiation.  She was the most powerful woman on earth.  And yet when I walked toward the group she was… Read More