On Getting Your Own Witness Locked Up

I put our star witness in jail. I have heard about prosecutors being slammed for doing this. One of my adjunct professors in law school – a prosecutor in Philadelphia – ended up on someone’s list of the… Read More

Lawsuit Alleges Church Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse

“No institution can put its own financial concerns above the needs of vulnerable children.” So says my wife Susan Burke, as reported by the Associated Press, in connection with a lawsuit she filed today in Maryland state court. … Read More

Defendant Punches Public Defender At Sentencing

I have read that the person who is most likely to be the victim of violence in the courtroom is not the judge or prosecutor, as you might expect, but the defendant’s own attorney. Judges and prosecutors are… Read More

New Lawsuit Alleging Military Rape Filed in Federal Court

The Associated Press reported on the lawsuit filed yesterday in federal court in San Francisco alleging that current and former members of the U.S. military were sexually assaulted while serving: The 20 women and men filing the lawsuit… Read More

NBC Segment on Military Rape

NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” ran a segment last night on the most recent cases to be filed in federal court alleging rape in the military. Susan makes an appearance at 7:40. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news,… Read More

“I Need To Have This Man Out Of My House”

The prosecutor is surprised when you introduce the 911 call.  So is the judge. But the police officer’s description of the hysterical, hyperventilating woman who greets him at the door of her home does not match the angry… Read More

Empathizing with the Accuser at a Civil Protection Order Hearing

“Oh,” says the witness to the judge.  “There is one other thing I would like to say.” The witness is the father of the respondent in a civil protection order hearing.  He is an old man and he… Read More

“A Surprisingly Good Day in Court” for Cioca v. Rumsfeld

Over at the Daily Beast, Jessie Ellison describes three signs that the military might finally be forced to  “confront its rape epidemic.”  First, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced on Friday that he will issue “very direct guidance”… Read More

Good Samaritans — Not! — Captured on Video

It’s rare that we get a video this good, the prosecutor tells me as he hands me the DVD.  Usually with the metro cameras, he says, they are on the other side of the platform and you can… Read More

Why I Hate D.C.’s “Threats to do Bodily Harm” Statute

Your client is 19 years old.  She weighs 105 pounds and stands under five feet tall. Having been arrested for a minor offense, she sits handcuffed in a room surrounded by police officers. Her eyebrow is bleeding from… Read More