Ralph Who? The Basketball Great You’ve Never Heard Of

April 13, 2014 Sports

In 1981, John Thompson was able to convince two of the top high school basketball players in the nation to come to D.C. to play for Georgetown. Landing either recruit would have been a major accomplishment; getting both seemed too good to be true. There was lots of debate on campus as to which player […]

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Kennedy Wins Criminal Law Invitational

December 26, 2013 Criminal Law Bloggers

Congratulations to Paul Kennedy for winning the Fourth Annual Criminal Law Fantasy Football Invitational.  Riding a series of late season wins, the “Paulie-Wogs” upset front-runner David Benowitz in the first round of the playoffs.  Kennedy then went on to beat first-year player Bobby Koehler in the final round to grab the championship.  Kennedy joins previous […]

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Hail to the Red Potatoes

October 23, 2013 Sports

Responding to the controversy over the name of the pro football team in the nation’s capitol, the Onion announced that the team has decided to change its name.  From here on in, the Onion reported, the team will be known not as the Washington Redskins but as the D.C. Redskins.  (Thanks to the Unwashed Advocate […]

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Ryan Kerrigan: Man On The Street

October 1, 2013 Sports
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Let RG-III Be RG-III (Or Give Him A Front Line That Can Protect Him)

September 18, 2013 Sports

Tony Dungy has suggested the possibility of benching Robert Griffin III in favor of his promising but still unproven backup, Kirk Cousins.  If this had been someone from D.C. making this suggestion, I would have bemoaned the tendency of area sportswriters to overreact.  A win means that the team is bound for the Superbowl.  And […]

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McNabb Blows It With Public Advice to RGIII

June 1, 2013 Sports

I have always admired Donovan McNabb.  I was present at the 2002 game in Philadelphia in which he threw for three touchdown passes after he broke his leg.  I sided with him in the controversy with Terrell Owens.  And I cheered when the Redskins brought him to D.C. for his ill-fated one-year stint in 2010. […]

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One Degree of Separation Between Greatness and Me

February 24, 2013 Law Practice

Back in the days my children were involved in organized sports, coaches liked to tell the story of how former NBA Superstar Michael Jordan was cut from his 10th grade basketball team. The story tended to come out right before cuts were made, presumably to ease the sting for those kids who weren’t going to […]

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We Should Re-Name D.C.’s Football Team

February 16, 2013 Sports

During my freshman year at college, there was an older guy at my fraternity everyone used to call “Heeb-heimer.”  That was a play on his real name, which was Hartheimer.  He was Jewish. I used to call him that too. Actually, I called him “Hee-Heimer.” I had never heard of someone being called a “Heeb” […]

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Liberty and Justice for Y’all Wins Fantasy Football League

December 24, 2012 Criminal Law Bloggers

Congratulations to Brandon Barnett of Liberty & Justice for Y’all for taking first place in the 2012 criminal law blogger fantasy football league. Barnett barely squeaked into the playoffs with a 7-7 record. He then beat Tempe Criminal Defense in the first round of the playoffs before defeating A Public Defender in the championship game. Tempe Criminal Defense, the team that […]

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Danny Smith Could Have Been A Politician

September 22, 2012 Sports

You accept responsibility for something. Or you don’t. The Washington Redskins have allowed two blocked punts in their first two games. You can blame a single blocked punt on mental error by a player. Having it happen twice in two weeks looks a little bit like a trend. Says Danny Smith, the coach responsible for […]

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