How To Increase Blog Traffic

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ABA Journal Blawg 100 for 2012

I was honored to be included again on the ABA Journal’s list of the top 100 law blogs, this time for 2012. The Journal is now taking popular votes to determine the top law blog in each of… Read More

Now on Sale: Nathan Burney’s “Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law”

As a faithful reader of Nathan Burney’s law blog, I have long known Burney to be someone who knows a little bit about criminal law. It is not just that, as a Georgetown law student, he once worked under Kristin… Read More

Thank You For The Referrals

Just as I would thank other lawyers for referring clients to me, I thought I should acknowledge other websites/blogs for sending readers this way. Here, with my sincere thanks, are the top ten sources of traffic from law… Read More

Internet Sites For Keeping Score

“Keep the score between us Earth,” my favorite poet once wrote, “because it matters.” It does matter.  And anybody who knows me at all knows that I am always keeping score. Fortunately, for those of us who crave… Read More

Popularity Contests in the Criminal Law Blogosphere

Because I am very competitive (and not in a good way), I always like to see how my blog is faring in comparison to other blogs I follow. Last time I did this, which was just under a… Read More

Blawg Review #316: Where Are They Now?

In the Blawg Review I hosted last year, “Images from the Criminal Law Blawgosphere,” I took a look at the photographs bloggers use on their sites. I was intrigued, for example, by how bloggers portray themselves to their… Read More

On Blog Comments

On Starting a Law Blog: 10 Handy-Dandy Tips from a B-List Criminal Defense Blogger

A while back, a criminal defense lawyer who was starting his own practice in D.C. called to ask me for advice on starting a blog. Great, I thought. Finally someone who wants to hear what I have to… Read More

Brian Gurwitz Represents White Supremacist

A former colleague in Philadelphia said that he was surprised, upon beginning work at the public defender’s office there, how many clients asked him if he was Jewish. “Yes I am Jewish,” he said finally to one client. … Read More