Contact information for U.S. Attorney’s Office

Matthew Graves
U.S. Attorney for D.C.
601 D Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20579
Main Phone:  202-252-7566

1D Community Prosecution:  202-729-3718
2D Community Prosecution:  202-715-7374
3D Community Prosecution:  202-671-1892
4D Community Prosecution:  202-715-7415
5D Community Prosecution:  202-698-0145
6D Community Prosecution:  202-698-0825
7D Community Prosecution:  202-698-1452


Denise Cheung, Chief
Gregg Maisel, Deputy Chief
Jennifer Blackwell, Deputy Chief

Federal Major Crimes

Gil Light, Chief
Melissa Jackson, Deputy Chief
Amy Larson, Deputy Chief

Violence Reduction and Trafficking Offenses

Candice Wong, Chief
David Henek, Deputy Chief

Fraud, Public Corruption and Civil Rights

Jon Hooks, Chief
Kate Rakoczy, Chief, Fraud Unit
Liz Aloi, Public Corruption and Civil Rights

National Security

Gregg Maisel, Chief
Tom Gillice, Deputy Chief
Jocelyn Ballantine, Deputy Chief

Early Case Assessment Section/”Papering Unit”

Crystal Flournoy, Chief

Last Update:  April 1, 2024