You Have To Love The Law Books

Jamison KoehlerLaw Practice

I just treated myself to the entire Wayne LaFave collection:  3 volumes on substantive criminal law, 6 volumes on search and seizure, and 7 volumes on criminal procedure.  I had been coveting the criminal procedure set in the lawyer’s lounge of D.C. Superior Court.  Now I have my own.  And once I got onto the phone with the Thomson West representative, I couldn’t control myself:  I had to order them all.

You can access all these materials, I know, at a law library.  But it is not the same.  You never know when you may need them.  And I like to mark up the books I have.  It makes for easier reference later.  It also gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, sort of like Ronald Reagan checking off the items on his daily schedule.

Is there anything more gratifying than a dog-eared and marked up law book?  What could possibly feel better than the thin, gossamer page of an old crimes code between your fingers?